Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships

As a private, independent school, we charge fees to cover the cost of the education provided. Unlike many other schools, the fees are fully inclusive of materials such as text and exercise books used within School. Lunches are compulsory and included in the fees so that all pupils receive a healthy meal from a wide selection of dishes each day to ensure the appropriate level of nutritional provision for the School day. We believe it is important for parents to know exactly what the total fee will be rather than breaking it down into sections.

The Governing Body announced a change to our fee structure from September 2015, with Senior School fees reduced by an average of 10.5% and Junior School fees frozen at their previous level. For 2016-17 the Governing Body have announced a 1.8% increase across the School compared to the National Average of 3.5%. We remain committed to making the education we provide affordable whilst maintaining the educational provision for children.

The only additional charges are for pupils wishing to take individual music tuition. Trips and visits may incur costs and school transport is not included in the fees.

Fees can be paid annually or termly, with a discount for early payment, or by monthly direct debit. Other charges (e.g. for Before and After care at the Junior School) can be paid by BACS transfer (preferred method), cheque, debit card or cash.

Academic Year 2016 – 17


Fees for Nursery children age 3-4 years vary depending on the sessions taken. Some examples are given below.

Nursery children are all able to access the Government Early Education Funding scheme (also called Nursery vouchers) entitling all children to 15 hours of free education. This is provided as five flexible blocks of three hours, either 8.30am-11.30am or 12.30pm-3.30pm.

Payment for sessions taken in addition to the 15 hours are charged at £19.55 for a three hour session and £9.50 for the lunch session including a hot lunch.

We recommend that your child attends for at least the five three hour sessions per week and offer various combinations depending on availability.

Junior School

Fees for the Junior School for Reception (age 4+) to Year 6 (age 10+) are £2,933 per term including lunch.

Music and Theatrical Performance fees for individual lessons for Junior School are £170 per term

For Reception class whilst your child is under 5 years old the fees are expected to be in the region of £2,200 per term including lunch. This takes into account the Government Early Education Funding scheme for 3 and 4 year olds.

Senior School

At Senior School, Years 7 and 8 termly fees are £3,460 with years 9-13 being £3,665. These remain as ‘all-inclusive’ fees including lunches, insurance, stationery, books and examination costs. Music tuition remains at their 2014-15 level (£190 per term). SEN support will be in line with new legislation and delivered through classroom support and will not be charged.


A limited amount of funding is available each year for means-tested Bursaries. Please contact the Admissions Manager or Business Operations Manager for further information.


For entry into Year 7, we offer a broad range of Scholarships for academic excellence and music and sporting achievement. Academic Scholarships are awarded based on performance in our Entrance Examination.

There is also a Sixth Form Scholarship scheme based on success at GCSE. For further information on all our Scholarship schemes, please contact the Admissions Manager.