Book Club Invitation

On Wednesday 21st November, the school Book Club was lucky enough to be invited along to Halifax Central Library to meet two local, inspirational children’s authors.

The first workshop was with author Mark Illis, who is famous for his young adult fiction. He has also written extensively for television – including dramas such as The Bill, Eastenders, and Emmerdale. He also wrote the award-winning screenplay for ‘Before Dawn’. His book ‘The Impossible’ won a Northern Writers Award in 2015.

Inspiring our Book Club pupils, Mark began his session by asking them to write the first line of their own autobiography. He then read the first two paragraphs of his book ‘The Impossible’. Pupils read and discussed four intriguing, well-known novel openings, and how they engaged the reader. Mark then produced a watch as a stimulus for pupils to create their own character. His workshop ended with pupils writing the first line of a story for their character, followed by an interesting question and answer session.

The second session was with children’s fiction writer Melvin Burgess. He aroused pupils’ curiosity from the beginning of the session, telling the story of the Pendle Witches in 1612 – the inspiration for his new book ‘The Lost Witch’, which is set in Hebden Bridge. Pupils enjoyed a discussion on witches and Norse mythology, followed by another interesting question and answer session.

Concluding with the opportunity to buy books and have them signed by the two authors, our pupils left Halifax Central Library inspired and ready to read more!


Mrs. Blackburn

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