Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

Surely Hipperholme Grammar is a wealthy school – why does it need additional support?

The School has a healthy and secure financial position and is well managed to ensure the School is maintained to a high quality, introducing new facilities when surplus allows. However, The Foundation has not been immune to the economic downturn and does not benefit from the funds available to some larger independent schools. In order to continue to build on past achievements and to bring our ambitions for future improvements to fruition, we need to supplement fee income with support from other sources.

Why doesn’t the School just raise fees?

School fees are important, but historically they only fund the “current year’s operations” and a portion of the School’s budget also supports the Bursary Fund. Fees pay for the day to day running costs of the School, which includes: teaching resources, salaries, utilities, catering, cleaning, repairs and maintenance, events and sport, security, administrative support and transport. Despite this long list, we have to ensure that our fees remain competitive and offer value for money to parents. Annual gifts offer greater flexibility than fees and allow the school to meet new and exciting opportunities as they arise.

How can it be guaranteed that my gift will not be swallowed up in running costs?

We have an obligation to honour your wishes and to use the money you donate for the stated purpose and therefore money donated is paid into the School’s restricted funds, which ensures that the money is kept separate from the Foundation’s general running costs.

Does the School have charitable status for tax purposes?

Yes, the School is a registered charity.  Our charity number is 517152.

What will my Gift enable?

  • Enable bright children to receive an exceptional education that their parents could otherwise not afford
  • Support the remarkable range of extra-curricular activities that together support the ethos of Hipperholme Grammar School.
  • Build facilities and maintain the grounds to enhance the further development of the Foundation.
  • Fund prizes and other opportunities to reward achievement and effort
  • Be your legacy to Hipperholme’s future

Why do we need to raise funds?

Maintaining the outstanding reputation of Hipperholme Grammar School is vital. Doing so means investing in modern facilities and employing talented teachers. In common with many independent schools, we have no significant endowment fund to assist with the funding of major projects or the continuing provision of much needed bursaries. The modernisation of our facilities, the management of our historic site and buildings, the development of an expanding curriculum, and the future funding of bursaries, are some of the cost pressures we face.

  • School fees are carefully managed and directed to fund teaching and resourcing. The priority we give to these areas means that the cost of special projects, new buildings and additional teaching cannot be funded out of surpluses alone.
  • Fundraising exists to raise money from donors (Parents, Brodleians, Trusts and Corporate Bodies) by cultivating a culture of philanthropic support.
  • Provision of excellent alumni relations, maintaining the School’s network of former pupils and communicating with them on a regular basis.
  • In the past new build projects have been made possible by the support and generosity of previous donors to the Foundation, the School has borrowed from its cash reserves to improve facilities at the Junior and Senior School’s but now we need to replenish our cash reserves for future projects.
  • As a registered Charity, Bursaries are of primary importance to the Foundation and the increasing of our Bursary Fund will allow children whose families cannot fully afford the fees, to benefit from a Hipperholme Grammar School Foundation education.