Support The Hipperholme Grammar School Foundation

There are many charities appealing to you for donations.  So why should the Hipperholme Grammar School Foundation be top of your list?

School Ethos

It is essential for us to provide our pupils with an environment that allows them to achieve their full potential.  With your involvement and support, you will be certain of ensuring that pupils, past, present and future will appreciate and take pride in the ongoing success of their school.  They too will develop loyalty and passion for the School, thus building on its long history; and perpetuating the original intentions of its founder, Matthew Brodley.

Your Support

We are very grateful indeed to those who have made donations in the past, large and small. We are very thankful to those of you who have left a donation to the School in your will. We hope that you will continue to be involved in and take an interest in the School in future years. For those returning to us after leaving, your support really does make a difference as it ensures that we can continue to develop this fine historic School.

The Foundation strongly promotes the preparation for life after Hipperholme, instilling in its pupils, the fundamental qualities of friendship, integrity, confidence and independence. These are developed not only in the classroom, but in tandem with enjoyment and personal enrichment on the sports field, through music the performing arts, art and and design.

The education that pupils receive at Hipperholme has been sustained by generations of donors since Matthew Brodley. In donating to Hipperholme you are repaying your debt to the philanthropists of the past by making an investment in the future of your School

Our intention is to build a culture of support for the Foundation’s future development. We can only achieve this if people feel positive about giving both initially and subsequently.

If you would like to donate, either towards a specific department or for our Bursary Fund please contact our Finance Office at or telephone 01422 202256 and ask for the Finance Manager. Alternatively see our donation page or download our Donation Form.