Junior School Curriculum

The School places an emphasis on traditional values and methods of teaching that are enriched by hands-on exploration in the classroom and grounds, supported by regular ventures into the wider world. 
Our bespoke curriculum takes a much broader approach than the National Curriculum, and ensures every child has the opportunity to make learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience. These experiences are planned to take account of each child as an independent learner with individual needs. 
We believe every child has a gift or talent and in addition to our rich learning experiences in the curriculum, provide an extensive extra-curricular programme. We aim to give every child a strong sense of achievement.

Parents, naturally, want to do the very best for their children, and part of that means ensuring they give them the highest quality of education they can afford.

We welcome children at any stage of their education.  We always find that children who come into our established classes settle really quickly and happily and make good progress.

“I love my new school.  I am a changed girl, my mum and dad say so!”

The individual attention they receive in our small classes meets every child’s needs.