Junior Extra Curricular Activities

Sports and Outdoor Pursuits

At Hipperholme Grammar Junior School we recognise that children need plenty of exercise and value the benefits that this can have in so many other areas.
  Our pupils enjoy a level of physical activity that well exceeds the national average and suitably complements our Healthy Schools programme.

Our all inclusive policy enables every child, regardless of ability or age, to take part in and enjoy all elements of sports and outdoor activities. 
All have the opportunity to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through positive, enriching experiences.

The PE and sports curriculum at Hipperholme Grammar Junior School is taught by our own specialist sports coach who develops skills and techniques in all the different disciplines. 
 All children from the age of 3 to 11 years old enjoy developing basic skills in a variety of disciplines. 

 Our younger children enjoy developing their skills through a variety of sports activities including football, hockey, gymnastics and dance, orienteering, rounders and cross country.  The traditional sports of rugby, football, netball, athletics and cricket are also taught and children in KS2 regularly enjoy friendly and competitive fixtures with both independent and state schools in the area.

Children in years 3 and 4 also enjoy swimming lessons every week which takes place at the new facility of Brighouse Pool.

The PE curriculum is enhanced by interhouse sporting competitions, annual events such as football and netball tournaments.

We believe in helping children to achieve their potential in all areas and set targets and differentiated activities to ensure that their individual needs are catered for.

Sports Clubs

At the Junior School we run a variety of sports clubs throughout the year.  All clubs are decided by consulting with the children and their parents.  
Clubs are held before school, at lunchtime and after school.

Recently Sports Clubs have included Football, Rugby, Netball, Rounders, Softball, Cricket, Gymnastics and Cheer.

All team members have the opportunity to play for the school in fixtures against other schools.

Each child has the opportunity to join any club offered by the school.   We have found since offering clubs to children in Reception to Form 6 that the children’s physical development has improved dramatically.   The clubs complement the work the children do in PE.

Form 6 children are part of a Sports Leader programme and have been coaching (under staff supervision) the younger children. This has helped them to acquire leadership skills. It has helped younger children, as they respect and learn from their peers. The Sports Leaders programme has also fostered the family ethos of the school.

Curriculum and Outdoor Pursuits

All children from Nursery to Year 6 have two hours of physical activity
 each week as part of their curriculum entitlement.
As part of the curriculum the pupils in Key Stage 2 take part in a programme of
outdoor activities that raise their self esteem, develop their characters and their ability to work as a team.


Our specialist music teacher teaches the joys of music and singing to all children from years one to six. 
The school has its own choir that lift our hearts with their music at school events 
and special occasions. The children take part in competitions and events with other schools in the area.

Nursery and Reception children have an opportunity to sing and play instruments
as part of their curriculum.

Peripatetic Music

All children have the opportunity to choose to play an instrument of their choice.
 We have specialist peripatetic music teachers who come into school to teach children individually.

These children all have the opportunity to play with their friends as an ensemble, to play at events in school and to share their talents at other opportunities.