Pastoral Care

One of the core values for our School is to provide personal support for all pupils in order to assist their academic studies but also to help them gain confidence. One of the most common comments made about Hipperholme pupils is that they gain confidence from their first day in the School without being arrogant.

Form tutors monitor the academic and social development of the pupils within their form. Weekly form tutor periods provide an opportunity to ensure progress and the teaching of PHSE (Personal, Health and Social Education) affords a more formal setting to discuss issues within the ‘non-academic’ curriculum.

Heads of Key Stage hold regular meetings of tutors within their section to discuss pupil’s needs and these can be discussed by all teaching staff at the weekly staff briefings.

We believe it is important for all pupils to act as role models and responsibility roles within Year 11 ensure that younger pupils learn from our outstanding pupil leaders.

Keeping Parents Informed

As a small School we pride ourselves on our communication links with parents. Parents are asked to sign student planners weekly to be kept informed about homework and maintain communication with the form tutor. In addition, students at the Senior School receive assessment grades in attainment and effort, along with targets for improvement, in every subject five times per year. These are augmented by annual parents evenings, full academic reports and statistical analysis of examination results to measure and improve ‘value added’. We believe that parents of HGSF students are kept fully aware of students’ academic and pastoral progress through the appropriate mix of subjective, objective, summative and formative reporting and assessment.